Friday, 7 March 2014

Convert a HTML Website to WordPress and Eenjoy The Benefits of It!

WordPress is a word you will hear more and more often in the world of web design as it has become increasingly more advantageous to convert a HTML website to WordPress. Most of us tend to associate it with blogging only and are not aware that WordPress can help building an entire website, with more benefits that you have ever considered or heard about. Before forgetting all your prejudices about WordPress, the first thing you need to know that there is no difference between a blog and a website, they are exactly the same thing. WordPress is a publishing tool and a content management system at the same time, which means that you can have your website done without knowing how to write HTML codes. The customization options are more diverse than expected and with WordPress you can build websites with various destinations and functionalities.

convert a HTML website to WordPress

If you already have a traditional site, converting to WordPress means that you can keep the old design or improve it. But let’s see exactly the main reasons for migrating to the blogging platform.            

Saving money

With WordPress you can do minor current changes by yourself, without needing to call to a web designer. Upgrades to the WordPress software are free.

Easy access

There is no need for extra-software or settings on your computer; an Internet connection is all you need.

Time saver

Doing the simple changes by yourself and without needing a designer means you don’t have to wait for that person to do the job. So do it yourself whenever you consider it necessary. There are also some options such as WordPress breaking up a whole material into pieces and post them when you program it to. Moreover, a WordPress website takes so much less time to format or to upgrade than traditional websites!

Social networks friendly

You can have your website settings done in such a manner as to integrate your posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; you don’t have to do it manually anymore.

SEO compatibility

A website developed in WordPress is extremely SEO friendly; the codes are constructed as to be easily tracked by the search engines. Whenever you add new contents it may take even a few minutes for the changes to be indexed by the search engines. This wouldn’t be possible with a traditional website.

Visitor interactivity

With WordPress you can design membership websites, attract visitors repeatedly with RSS feeds, receive instant and public feed-back with blog comments. You will love the last options (visitor comments) because this will help you raise your SEO rank; the comment contents which contain keyword phrases will bring your free SEO services. Another advantage is that the quantity and quality of comments will let you figure out what the real interests of the visitors are. The good thing is that no post will appear on the site without your approval.

Improve your reputation and become an appreciated brand by enjoying extra space for your contents

When converting to WordPress, you will also sense another advantage – you will be able to have closer contact with the audience, as you can add a new page in a few seconds and you are able to expand your website to hundreds or even thousands of pages; a traditional website usually has just a few dozen pages.

To add a few last features, you will be thankful for when you convert a HTML website to WordPress, if you change your web design service provider, he or she won’t have any reason to refuse taking over the previous work, as it happens with traditional websites. Another big plus is that websites developed in WordPress are responsive so they are recognized and viewed the best on any device. It looks like switching to WordPress will allow you to easily follow all the latest trends in web design and make your work so much easier!

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